Enable camera on iphone or ipad lockscreen

Enable camera on iphone or ipad lockscreen

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How to enable camera on iphone or ipad lockscreen in ios11.

In iOS 11 the camera is part of your control center – to show the camera, swipe the your finger from the bottom of the screen towards the top of the screen – the control center will pop up from the bottom and you’ll see the camera icon.

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  1. Fuckyou

    Thanks. I was wondering why it wasn’t there!

  2. guest

    whoa. it’s that simple? I feel like an idiot… but thanks! :)

  3. Skypilot195

    what is the scroll bar that appears in the lock screen about a third of the way down when the cam button is activated?

  4. Tk

    you are awesome you fixed my issue ive been trying to figure out all day thank you!

  5. Leanndra

    Thank you SO much for answering this!!

    Can you set it so the camera ALWAYS comes up on the lock screen?

  6. Dreamwire

    Thanks! I’vebeen trying to figure that out all evening.

  7. Syamsul

    Thank you. Now I know where that is!

  8. DJ

    I can’t find the zoom feature on my phone any longer.
    does anyone know if im doing something wrong?

    1. Whitneygrace24

      pinch the screen and it should come up

    2. Solo Filipino

      The new feature with iOs 5 is that it’s pinch to zoom. Kinda like u do to zoom in on a web page. Hope this helps,

  9. Peter

    Thank you – I wondered where it was – unlike Apple not to say (or is it?) 

  10. Dee B. Pickus

    I don’t get that. I get my iPod bar at the top of the lock screen. And I just upgraded to iOS5.

  11. Kathy

    This is very useful thank you so much !!!

  12. Axk7775

    Can we set it such as the camera icon come always on the lock screen. Mine keeps disappearing and each time have to pree home button twice to enable it. 

  13. brendan2k

    Great response to an annoying problem. Thanks

  14. Sonbird

    Thx, I couldn’t locate how to activate it, Big help!

  15. Meganw6865

    How do I put my pictures into albums???

  16. Guest

    DUMB!  It should just be there automatically… but THANK YOU for answering!

  17. Tomking707

    I’ve heard a hundred times the camera was on the lock screen, but that’s a lie. Burying the camera on a screen you get after dismissing the regular lock screen, is hardly much of an improvement. I think its actually less direct and less useful.

    1. Jonathan

      its slightly better than it used to be (unlocking, entering code, finding the screen with the camera app, opening the folder with the camera app, clicking the camera app compared to double clicking home and clicking the camera icon), but i agree, it would be much more useful if it was actually on the lock screen itself so you only had to single click the home button then press the camera icon. it means that you don’t miss most things now, but if it was on the lockscreen itself you’d miss nothing :D

      1. Miško

        Right, Jonathan. For the heavy shooters among us, it IS an improvement, indeed. Very strange they didn’t make it accessible by single-clicking the home button. And… as long as the sync problems and the communist repression of the iTunes remain, Apple will irritate!

  18. Aser

    To show always the camera in lockscreen:  install from Cydia the “CameraLocker”

  19. Someone

    I don’t want to swipe, bring back the button.  Swiping is more work, more time, and gets the screen dirtier.  Awful change in behavior.

    1. jonathan

      i like it, its one thing to do, rather than two things, but it would have been better if you just had to click it and it moved out of the way :D

  20. tom

    i really dont like the swipe up camera icon i prefer to double tap home button

  21. Alxdon23

    This makes your phone unsecure cuz it bypasses the unlock code

  22. Unknown

    This just says how to access it. On my lock screen it shows the camera icon but it’s not accessible. Two different words.

    1. jonathan

      this is for ios 5.0. you have 5.1.
      in ios 5.0 there is no camera icon on the screen. you have to double click the home icon.

  23. ........

    i cant c the camera underneath the lock screen…ZzZzZzZZZZZ

    Pls Help Me!!!

  24. CLinton

    I cant c the camera app underneath the lock screen …. ZzZzz

    Pls help me

  25. ralph

    Thank You! After poking at that damn camera icon for days (the action that used to  activate the cam in lock mode) at having it just bounce mockingly at me, a solution!

  26. Ryan

    I just update to ios 5.1 and and when I activate my camera from the lock screen when I’m done using it, it doesn’t go back to the lock screen like the 2xtap lock screen camera on ios 5, it also doesn’t keep my previous pics locked either. When that camera is activated my whole phone is open for anyone to fuck some shit up. I hate it so my question is how to I turn that camera off or put some restrictions on it, or how do I downgrade back to ios 5?

  27. Kw3

    I don’t want to give access to the phone or any feature of the phone without passcode. What is the point of having a passcode if someone could record your conversations or take pictures of your environment and access your memory without it being you? I want it gone. Don’t have anything to hide. Just don’t want to give up what is totally me and mine. My home my family my memories. Could be dangerous and I would like to control my own danger. 

    1. jonathan

      a few people have been saying this, so i experimented.

      go to settings > general > passcode lock

      make sure passcode lock is on and set to ‘require passcode > immediately’

      now everyone needs to enter a passcode to access your phone.

  28. PaleKasai

    I have recentlgone from iPod touch to iPad 3 and have noticed a lot of changes, including the disappearance of some apps like clock and weather, as well as the quick shortcut of accessing camera right on the lock screen. Instead of accessing my camera, I can only use pictureframe and, after double tapping the home button, change the music settings. So how would I, WITHOUT JAILBREAKING OR USNG CYDIA, get that function on my lock screen?

  29. Carlo

    I have already 5 iOS on my iPad why I cannot set the camera on my screen lock

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