IPhone camera zoom

This page will show you how to zoom in with your iPhone camera when you take photos. You will also find out how to view the zoom bar so that you can zoom in and out using that. Every iPhone and iPad that have a camera have the same feature. The iPhone camera zoom is a digital one and the actions are the same. The camera app interface does get updated and changes between iOS versions, but the trick is the same. For all versions. If you have an older iPhone or iPad, then the pinch feature may not work, but you will still be able to use the zoom bar

Here’s how iphone camera zoom works

  1. Open the camera app. (or swipe your lock screen to reveal the camera from the right).
  2. Using two fingers, do the ‘Pinch to zoom’ action. (the same as you do in photos).
  3. You can use the pinch to zoom action to zoom in and out.
  4. You will also see the zoom bar at the bottom of the screen.
  5. You can use the bar to zoom in or out. Just slide the dot towards the + or – to zoom in or out.
iphone camera zoom
Image showing the Apple iPhone camera zoom bar in iOS10.

The zoom feature on the iPhone only does digital zooming. This means the lens doesn’t move, but the picture is enlarged using software. This means that if you zoom in too far then the pictures get distorted and show pixels. The camera and photo zoom shares the same action – pinching.
With every version of iOS apple seem to move / play with the settings.

iphone camera zoom
Image showing the iPhone zoom bar in iOS7.

You can focus on different things by tapping the screen with one finger. A yellow box will appear round the item focused on. This comes in helpful when the camera cant find the object you want to capture. It does take a little time for the camera to adjust. In some cases the moment has passed before the camera fixes itself :(

iphone camera zoom
You can zoom in and out using the photo zoom pinch action in iOS6.

There is a good ‘getting started’ guide on apples support site – there are lots of cool things in the guide to do with the camera, so check it out if you are looking to explore the features in your camera, like HDR and flash settings.

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  1. Suresh Kumar Soni

    thanks for the tip. I was wondering if the zoom feature was removed

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    Thanks a lot – you’ve saved me a lot of frustration with this feature. Isn’t it annoying when a feature you depend on just disappears…….

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    i can count to potato.

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    Thank you so much. I had thought they removed it. I would have been seriously bummed if they did.

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    God!  So easy! Been trying to find this for ages.  Thanks

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    Thanks for that.  Some-one told me it was not avail with the upgrade lol  Knew that just did not sound right.

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    Yup, thanks. I should probably have tried that myself.. but I was tapping like I did before IOS5 but it wouldn’t show… pinching kinda makes sense, but will suck when you’re taking pictures one-handed (bike riding, fishing etc…) oh well!

  14. Mike T

    Amazingly simple – I thought I lost the zoom by upgrading to 5.0.1.  Thanks

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    THANK YOU!!! It was making me crazy!

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    How can i zoom when i record a video? I cant do it…

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    Was the zoom always digital?  Noe the zoomed image looks softer to me

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    How can I zoom when I record a video?

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  21. Graeme

    I tried the pinch with 2 fingers, doesn’t do anything, any idea what’s wrong?

    1. jonathan

      you need at least ios5 for that to work. if you have ios4 or less then there is a little zoom bar at the bottom

      1. Graeme

        Thanks jonathan you’r the best, you have so many good tutorials on apple stuff.
        Just to add, in ios4 if the zoom bar is missing you need to touch the screen at the bottom for it to appear.

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