Everything that I can get siri to understand

This is my list of everything that I can get Siri to understand in iOS. I wrote this post entirely using the dictation feature.

I’m writing this blog post by dictating to Siri
it’s pretty good. but you have to do it in small chunks. you also have to tell it punctuation.

to dictate to Siri simply press the microphone on your iPad keyboard.
The dictation in iOS seven is much better than in previous versions. especially if you read one sentence at a time.

you’ll notice that when you dictate, blue dots appear under some words. these blue words are words that Siri doesn’t quite understand. you can change the text by pressing on the word and it will give you alternative translations.

opening applications
now Siri can open applications.
just say ‘open facebook’ and siri will open the facebook app.

opening websites
to open safari and go direct to a website say

tell you stuff from wikipedia
though it doesnt always get it right:

‘when was dont stop believing first released,
it will tell you that journey released it on the 19th of May 2009.

Wolfram Alpha provides maths stuff to Siri.
ask Siri ‘whats the square root of two’ and it will look it up on wolfram alpha.

When you activate siri you will see a small ? In the bottom left hand corner.
if you click the ? To get help about all the things siri can do.

Some times it doesnt understand my scottish accent, but thats the minority of times now, compared to the majority of times with iOS six.

this has been a cool blog post about everything that I can get siri to understand. I wrote this post entirely with Siri’s dictation feature.

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