Take photos in rapid succession with your iphone burst mode

On the newer iPhone burst mode is a feature in the camera app that takes photos in rapid succession when you hold the shutter button down. I just noticed this by mistake when taking a photo on my iPhone camera with ios7.

iPhone burst mode

If you hold the button down then the camera will take lots of photos in quick succession.
I can imagine it would be great for capturing skateboard tricks or other action shots :)

  • open the camera app
  • click and hold the shutter button
  • your iphone will take burst-mode photos at 10 fps
  • let the button go once you are done
  • open the photos app

Editing a bust-mode photo-set

  • photos taken in burst mode appear as a ‘stack’ in the photos app
  • click on the burst mode set you took
  • click on ‘select’
  • click on each photo you want to keep
  • click done
  • the photos app will delete the un-selected photos from the burst mode set, keeping the ones you selected

iphone burst mode

Hopefully ill remember it and use it form now on rather than getting one crappy blurred image and missing a good one :)

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