Faux en tombes to la roche

Up at 7 to try to get to bastogne. looking at the map we need to get to a place called ‘aye’ to get a fotae ae. through gesves and a few other places that are right out of the great escape.a few ww2 museums with tanks and in to aye. fotaes taken. on to march en fammine. turns out its ‘end of exams’ party for the town and everyone isin the park drinking and there is a mad party going on. we ask an undercover cop if we should go to some unpronouncable place or to la roche. we go to the second place. up hill for 10 km . no rests !! beastin. then all of a sudden its downhill for 10km at at least 40mph -knowles must have got 50 cos he dissapeared! my bike couldnt go any faster! turned left the 3km to la roche. got some scran at eurospar then found a campsite next to the river and am about to crash out. I have sair shoulders and no energy. might have one of matthews things. the gel thing saved me on the 10km up hill battle. we met a guy who is cycling to luxembourg so we will get him there. we might need to cheat and get a train at lux down to strasbourg but the ardennes are beasting! fuck knows how they got tanks through here. should make luxembourg for saterday night!

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