La roche to bastogne to wiltz

Had a cracking sleep next to the river. got up at 9 and set off with the dood who is going to luxembourg at about 12 after sorting our selves out after the night in the forrest!. up hill for 5km ! I was fucked after it! then 21 km more to bastogne – a few hills mostly upwards ones. then into bastogne at half three for lunch. another end of exams party! left at 4 headed to wiltz in luxembourg. went downhill for pretty much all of the 19 km and made it there for half 6 ! got a minted campsite with a pooland went for a swim which was well needed :) just had space rice for dinner and a cup of tea. we will head to luxembourg city tomorrow and should make it by five. think we will get a day off on sunday and then get a train to straasbourg cos we want to get to germany quicker. me and knowles are shite at french. I know the word for shit and the word for motherfucker and thats it! knowles just speaks english with a french accent which is fucking hilarious!! think we are going for a stoat about wiltz. population: 23 ;) it looks like the sound of music. pretty crap if you are cycling but loads of dead ww2 tanks placed about for the likes of us.

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