Overijse to namur

We left the campsite in Overijse this morning and headed for a road called ‘n4’.

this was a bad choice as you will find out.

It started cool, just a small road through a couple of wee towns, we stopped in Wavre for lunch. Went into a camping shop and got stuff but decided against a map as our google map was fine.

We went into a bike shop so that knowles could fix his crank. We met a couple of cool guys and said bye.

We trundled along this n4 which was now getting a bit bigger and was a dual carrige way but with a meaty bike lane so we kept going. We went up a massive hill that lasted 5 km and then at the top the dual carrigeway turned into a motorway and the cycle lane stopped.


We went for about another 5 km and were trying to get off. Some guy stopped his car on the hard shoulder a couple of hundred yards in front of us and I thought it was a polis.

Turned out it was the guy from the bike shop and he was going home. We told him we were trying to get ‘off this fucking motorway’ he agreed and showed us how to get to faux en tombes – so we took a left and absolutely flew down a 10 km hill at about 40mph and got there in about ten or so mins!!!

We tried for half an hour to find a campsite but it was shut so we ended in woods! it was rank but we got a fire and a scran then fell asleep.

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  1. Letmein.123

    How are you getting on today, hope there was no bears in the woods!
    Dannii and Matthew were ’round for a barbie last night, tempreture in the 80’s.

    1. jonathan

      it was 35 yesterday, and today is even hotter: we have the train to london in the morning :(

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