Flipboard for iphone and ipad

This post is about flipboard.

with fipboard you can:
add google reader accounts
add (a single) twitter account
add (a single) facebook account
add (a single) foursquare account
add (a single) flickr account

once you have added them then you get a nice way to flip through all the information that everyone has shared on each of those services.

you can reply / like / retweet to whatever you want, without leaving the app, which is nice.

links in tweets / facebook posts / google reader articles are parsed and a short summary is shown, which makes it good for skipping over things you dont want to look at…

there is also a ‘discovery’ mode, where you can pick from a list of predefined categories and browse through all the content in there too.
it does support audio, but only from the predefined listings it has, so I couldnt add ‘off the wall’ or ‘off the hook’ or my subscription to ‘mysterious universe’ to it. :(

overall, id give it 7 out of 10 (if it had support for adding my own podcasts, google+ and multiple twitter accounts, it’d have gotten 10 :)

[update – flipboard now has support for google+, so im updating it to 8 out of 10 !]

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