Ripping a dvd to play on an ipad / iphone / appletv / ipod touch

this will show you how to turn your dvd movie into a playable file for an ipad, apple tv2, ipod touch or iphone

  • download and install handbreak
  • open up handbreak
  • insert your dvd
  • in handbreak click ‘source’
  • select your dvd
  • click ‘toggle presets’ to show the pre-set settings
  • pick the one that you need, eg, I picked ‘iphone and ipod touch’
  • pick a destination to save the file to
  • click ‘start’
  • wait for it to convert.
  • drag the file into itunes
  • sync like normal if you are putting it on an iphone / ipad / ipod touch

if you are playing the video on an apple tv you will need to share your itunes library [please see this post for more information on how to get all your movies to play on your apple tv]

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Maconbraves · December 27, 2011 at 12:48 pm

Very nice ..Your insights are what makes the Mac ..”it just works!”  Thanks mate.