Glasgow Real Ale Festival 2015

Last year I went to the Glasgow real ale fest. It was so good that Im there again for Glasgow Real Ale Festival 2015 this year :D

Its a nice day outside, warm and sunny, which makes a change. The beer fest is in the briggait again and again has loads of beer to pick from!

We left the flat at 15:30 – Zoe is going to meet her mum and look round the shops for wedding things for Zoes sisters wedding in April. I’m meeting Dempsey at StEnochs underground then going to drink lots of beer!

Ive not had much to eat today, only a roll and sausage and a cup of coffee, so we might need to get some food first, though we will be able to get hotdogs once we get there. I didnt get any cider last year, so I think Ill head to the cider bar first!

Its busy this year, we had to stand in a queue for about half an hour before we got in. I got asked for ID – Im 35 in 2 weeks, so I had to wear an extra band to proove I was over age

The first drink we had was ‘guzzler’ we got some black peppered german sausage.

next up was some Ayr ‘jolly beggars’, then some ‘sneeky wee orkney stout’.

Next up was Black Hawk. om nom nom.

We had another peppered sausage, then the bagpipers played.

eventually I got some cider!!!! Tokard Cross. It had a green sticker because the barman liked it. 7%.

dempsey got something from the foreign bar, it was very fruity, but he has no idea what it was called :(

Then it was some ‘old tom’ 8.5% only available in half pints! – it was a tough choice between this and ‘marcus aurelius’ at 7.4! wow, its strong. but nice at the same time :)

I now have some pals who come from motherwell: Kimberley, Ian, Damien and Russell – Kiss T-Shirt man! I had a couple of halfs talking to them and the caledonian brewery pipers too. Everyone is very friendly, including all the volunteer staff, who do an amaising job and are very friendly!

Then I had a half pint of a black ale, but by this time I was getting a bit worse for wear, so went home and watched parliament funkadelic and george clinton at glastonbury :)

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