How to disable wordpress proofreading

I use WordPress for this site.
it is a fantastic platform, and has a lot of cool features.

one of the features that I find annoying is the proofreader function.
I have spellcheck in my browser, and even that doesnt match most of the technical things I write about, so it becomes irritating when I’m updating a post and have to click extra buttons for the proofreader to ignore everything I’ve just typed.

fortunately you can turn it off [and use it when you want to use it – eg when first writing a post]!

  • open your wordpress dashboard
  • go to users > my profile
  • scroll down to the proofreading options

turn off “Automatically proofread content when:”
a post or page is first published
a post or page is updated

to completely disable it,

or turn off the updates option to keep it running when you first post but not when you update a post!

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