How to get bookmarks from ie / firefox / chrome into iphone / ipad

This post will show you how to get your bookmarks from chrome / firefox / chrome into your ipad or iphone’s safari browser

firstly, make sure that you have safari on your computer
also make sure you have icloud installed in your pc if you run windows

next, open the browser with your bookmarks in it (eg chrome)
now you need to export the bookmarks

in chrome: goto bookmarks > bookmark manager > organise > export
in ie:
in firefox: bookmarks > show all > import and backup

save the file to your desktop (makes it easy to find later)

then open safari and go to
file > import bookmarks
browse to the file you just created

all the bookmarks will now be in safari

now, open your icloud settings on your computer and make sure the safari / bookmarks option is on
and then in your icloud settings in your iphone, make sure the safari option is on too.

It will now sync the bookmarks from safari on your computer to safari on your iphone / ipad!!

you can delete the bookmarks file from your desktop now as its no longer needed!

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