The best jailbreak apps for iphone

jailbreaking your iphone isnt to everyones liking. but if it is then here are my recomendations for the best jailbreak apps to get:

it turns your iphone into a mobile wifi router. excellent if you have a laptop or the like and need some access
when you are out and about. think tethering without a cable.

puts calendar, mail, weather, twitter, etc on your lock screen

yes, nmap on your iphone. as useful as nmap on anything
else :)

gives you themes amongst other things

lets you do apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
from the commandline without loading the (very) bulky and slow

there are loads of
other excellent jailbreak only apps, but with these installed your
iphone will be much more usefull :)

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  1. Best Jailbreak Apps

    Thanks a lot for this info but related pictures would have made it more better.
    Also you can add BiteSMS to that list.

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