How to replace macbook air battery

How to replace macbook air battery. I have a macbook air, its a 2012 13″ – the battery was awesome in the beginning, but after 4 years it was time to replace the battery. I ordered a flueron replacement from amazon prime and it arrived next day.

How to replace macbook air battery
On opening the box, I could see that it was well packaged with foam inserts (that I put under the laptop later on to prevent scratches)

The kit also included two torx screwdrivers and an instruction leaflet (All you need to do is to remove some screws)


how to replace macbook air battery

After opening the kit I was ready to open the macbook air to replace the battery.

The first step is to turn the laptop upside-down and remove the screws using the smaller of the two torx screwdrivers.

Its a good idea to lay out the screws in the same way as you removed them so that you can put them back in the same places (if you remove them for a longer time than a few minutes, tape them in place and take a photo to remind yourself when you re-assemble)

The back of the macbook air removed, showing the original battery. There are 5 screws holding the battery in place, these were removed with the other torx screwdriver. There is also a small ribbon cable connecting the battery to the motherboard, with a tab on it to make it very easy to remove.

Battery removed ready for the new battery :)

How to replace macbook air battery
New battery installed. The last part was to replace the screws and the lid and power on the laptop. I now get 6 hours where I was getting < 45 mins with the old battery :)

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