Ipad is .. underwhelming

Well, everyone is talking about the ipad. noone has yet said that its crap. I dont want a big ipod touch, running iphone os. I want a macbook pro that is only its screen, with multi touch, running snow leopard. sure, a 1ghz cpu is fast for a phone, but it would suck in an mbp :(
also, if the dock thing for it had firewire and at least one usb port then I could use it to produce music ( protools on a touchscreen? anyone? )
fair enough, it runs iphone apps, you would expect it to, it is, after all, a faster iphone with a big screen.
no mention of multi tasking. sucks. hopefully this is a feature of iphone os 4. no mention of any power management, but big mention of 10 hour battery life, hopefully some of this has to do with power management and that it comes to iphone ( turn off 3g when im not using it, and automatically turn it on again when I do. thats got to be worth at least an hour a day. ) hopefully we get the ibookstore on iphone and hopefully it gets built into itunes. I probably wont buybooks, but I might start writing them ( file -> save as -> epub ??)

ill leave you with those thoughts…

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