Some iphone apps i use on a daily basis

I thought I would write a post to show the apps I use every day on my iphone, incase you dont have them, or incase you know of a better alternative :)

the first app is the facebook app. most of you will have it. it lets you use facebook, in a nice ui.

the next is tweetdeck. it lets you tweet from multiple accounts. and a ehole load of other stuff too.

then dailyburn ( they have two apps – one for their site that lets you enter workouts, nutrition, etc and the other that lets you scan the food you ate to automatically log it ) I use both. every day.

next is netnewswire. it lets you read rss feeds ( it syncs to your google reader account )

then its the flickr app.

then bam analytics.
it lets you see how many people have visited your site, so that you know when you are doing the right thing

i also use the wordpress app and the myspace app, on an almost daily basis.

there are plenty of other apps that I use, but not nearly as regularly as the ones ive mentioned

yes, I use my iphone as an ipod, yes, I use the built-in and safari, but you all have those :)

which apps do you use every day? i’d like to know, just incase there are some I havent tried :)

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