How to tether your mac to your iphone using personal hotspot

This post will show you how to setup a wireless internet connection from your mac to your phone so that you can get internet through your phones 3g connection!

assuming you are allowed the personal hotspot functionality by your provider:

on your iphone goto settings > personal hotspot
if you dont have personal hotspot in settings, then you dont have the feature enabled by your provider. call them and see if they can activate it for you.

once in personal hotspot simply turn it on.

when it is enabled, it will provide you a password, and will allow you to set your own.

once the hotspot is up, it will appear as any other wireless network, with the name of your phone.
just connect as normal, and enter your password chosen in the settings of personal hotspot.

browse the net like normal!!!

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  1. Vince Thorne

    You can’t set up a tether between a MaBook Pro and an iPhone. Weird but true.

    1. jonathan

      I can with mine, when I was on holiday I got a local sim card and it only enabled tethering via bluetooth, it may be that your provider only offers bluetooth tethering – you may be able to setup a network over that though

      1. Vince Thorne

        It’s strange, I didn’t remember writing my comment. I was having difficultly with it and then it was resolved but yes, it is possible to tether an iPhone 5 to a MacBook Pro.

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