ITSX Edinburgh

Im at the ITSX conference in Edinburgh today, at Dynamic Earth. Its the first time Ive been to dynamic earth, so looking forward to it

The traffic was really bad all the way from Glasgow, so I got there late and missed the first 15 mins of the first talk.

The Summit
The Summit will contextualise the evolution of the service desk and the future of customer experience and IT support.

The programme will consider how the service function has advanced in the age of digital transformation, omni-channel engagement, and personalisation. And examine the increasing role of automation, analytics and AI, and the rise of Chatbots and self-service systems.

The conference will explore how tech leaders can maximise the business impact of their service function, with presentations looking at actionable ways to improve process, operations, observability, and customer experience.

The Summit is geared for professionals working in IT, Tech Support, Customer Service, UX, Digital Transformation and Leadership roles.

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