Maximising Business Outcomes

This is a breakout panel.

Maximising Business
Outcomes with Remote
Support: Insights on Security,
Integration & Productivity

Kelvin Wetherill, CEO and Founder, Supportwave
Csaba Jaromi, Director, Solutions Consulting, GoTo
(formerly LogMeIn)
Moderated by Jen Brown, Senior Director,
International Marketing, GoTo (formerly

For GoTo/LogMeIn/Citrix its all about resolving things first time, especially with WFH – its no good having someone sitting at home waiting on a ticket to be resolved.

SupportWave – they are a remote platform for IT workers

measure remote support KPIs, and important to not measure things that arent important – first time resolution / speed is the main one. Customer satisfaction is a big metric too – you have to look externally eg social proof for reviews

customers want prompt, immediate access on the media of their choice (eg dont force them to mae a ticket, have  ticket made automatically via whatsapp or the chatbot on the site)

two main types of usecases: Younger customers dont want to phone, prefer text based, instant comms, bots, kb articles, self service. Older customers want human to human, over phone or irl, and want it to be done with them.

happy employees, happy customers.

for IT support, employees are customers too.

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