Kelvingrove park

Today we went for a walk from Glasgow Harbour along to Kelvingrove park.

We entered Kelvingrove park through the gate where Dumbarton road changes to Argyl street, at Partick bridge, to the west of the river kelvin.

A quick walk up the west bank of the river kelvin takes you to Kelvin Way, and the statues of Lister and Kelvin.

We stopped here (we do every time we pass this way) and had a picnic on the benches. There were two squirrels and a flock of pigeons and a few big fat wood pigeons hanging about.

We gave the squirrel some of Olivias dried coconut and she laughed as he ate. Olivia decided to feed the pigeons too, so they got some croissant :|

I dont think you are allowed to drink in kelvingrove, so, for the record, this can of beer stayed un-opened. If I had opened it, it would have gone down a treat in the warm afternoon ;)

After the picnic, we went over Kelvin Way, past the bandstand and over a little foot-bridge over the river Kelvin. This bridge takes you into the middle of the kids play park.

We played on the swings and the slide for about 2 hours.

After the park, we walked over the hill (Olivia has a thing just now where she wants to go on adventures and climbing is one of her fav things, so any hills and we have to go that way!)

We got to the old school-house and sat down for a well deserved burger and drink!

And pudding!

We stumbled home, trying not to fall asleep the whole way – up Gibson street, along Kelvin way, down past Lister and Kelvin, down past the old transport museum at kelvin hall, past the old yorkhill hospital to the new transport museum and home!

Zoe is sleeping on the couch while I write this, and Olivia is watching some cbeebies!

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