Laravel quickstart gist migrating existing tables

This follows on from the previous laravel gist. it covers generating mdels, views and bootstrapping for controllers for pre-existing database tables.Useful if you have a few hundred tables and relationships in an existing database.

cd ~/git
brew install nmp
brew install nodejs
curl -sS | php
composer global require laravel/installer
laravel new
php atisan migrate:install
php artisan make:auth
php artisan migrate
composer require laravel/passport
php artisan migrate
php artisan passport:install
# stuff from here:
php artisan vendor:publish --tag=passport-components
php artisan passport:keys
php artisan migrate
npm install npm@latest -g
npm install
npm run dev
# add vue's to a template somewhere
artisan serve
# create a que using the database
php artisan queue:table
php artisan migrate
composer require "laravel/cashier":"~7.0"
php artisan make:migration create_subscription_table
php artisan make:migration add_subscription_fields
# follow from here:
php artisan migrate
php artisan vendor:publish

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