Lisa mitchell gig at king tuts, glasgow 6 march 2010

my wee cousin, lisa mitchell played king tuts in glasgow last night. it was an awesome gig. the crowd were right up for it! I met her on friday night in glasgow, went for a few beers and some food, then headed to king tuts to see the bands that were on. it was a decent night, then on saturday she was playing, I went with my mum and dad (her auntie and uncle) and my mate jamie (who im recording with just now) we went for a chinese meal, and bumped into a girl I work with, then headed along to king tuts. my dad and jamie ended up very drunk, but it was cool, my mum was driving home, so they only had to walk from the door of king tuts to the car on the other side of the street!!!

here are some foto’s


the all  important sign on the door


photo from my phone


auntie susie (my mum), uncle john (my dad) and lisa (my wee cousin)


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  1. Zuzana Kubatova

    Hi, just wanted to say I was there last night and it was an amazing gig, unfortunately had to leave before Lisa finished to catch my last train, but if you want to see some of my photos I took last night feel free to check them out at Tell Lisa she was brilliant!

  2. jonathan

    they are excellent fotos =)
    i will tell her when i see her =)

  3. Zuzana Kubatova

    Cool cool, thanks :)

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