Make osx lion mouse and trackpad scroll in different directions

This is an excellent tip.
if you like the natural scrolling in osx lion for your trackpad, but want the old style scrolling for your mouse, then it is possible.

  • download scrollreverser
  • make sure that you have natural scrolling enabled:
  • system preferences > trackpad > natural scrolling on
  • start scrollreverser
  • click on the taskbar icon for scrollreverser

make sure ‘reverse scrolling’ is on [so you will now have double reverse scrolling, which makes it the normal way round]

  • then goto preferences (still in the scroll reverser menu)
  • and un-tick ‘trackpad’

this will make your trackpad use the natural scrolling option from system preferences and will make your mouse use the reversed natural scrolling (which is the same as the ‘normal’ way to scroll)

happy scrolling!!!!

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