Service Design and AI

what is AI, is it minority report, or skynet, or how we work day to day and apply it to our processes, etc

AI magic is here to save the world, mking us giddy with excitement and terrifying us at the same time

what does it mean for us, cutting through the hype

it can allow us to design services – prototyping, concept development, analysis, evaluation, automation, etc for multiple ideas in a very short time

what do you need to know about implementing AI in a company – start small, think about pilots in a managed environment. include as many people as possible, educate on the pitfalls.






remediation for common issues, automatic analysis of bottlenecks or abandonments etc.

ethical issues – Bias, surveillance, manipulation, misinformation,disinformation

need to accept – transparency, governance and regulation, mitigation, collaboration, accountability

for now it compliments the humans

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