Install backtrack repo in ubuntu

This post will show you how to Install backtrack repo in ubuntu – I got an HP mini netbook a couple of days ago. I’m mostly going to use it to check sites at home in IE; but it will also have another use: hacking =)

I need to check the sites I make to check they are as secure as they can possibly be. I was going to use Backtrack linux for this; backtrack has almost every possible tool to test almost every kind of area on your site and your network. there is only one problem: its not ubuntu, so it doesnt get updated and doesnt have the resources that ubuntu does.

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  1. Jacko

    I had a “Sony VAIO C1MW” (transmeta CPU) for this sort of thing back in ~2002… was great for wifi scanning too. Why did you end up with OS wise?

  2. jonathan

    i ended up with ubuntu 10.04 and a load of the backtrack tools; and windows 7 ultimate, as it came with that, so i just left it on =)

    i have been modding it, and taking pictures, so i will be putting up a few more posts about it in the near future =)

  3. Brian

    I have installed backtrack on ubuntu. I now have to install all the 182 applications associated with it, or the ones I want/need to use, basically. Does anyone have a list of those apps? I saw one the other night, but now can’e seem to find the page, as I didn’t bookmark it. Thanks!!!

  4. Brian

    awk: 1: unexpected character 0xe2
    awk: line 2: missing } near end of file
    bash: backtrack.txt: Permission denied

    is the error I get when I try this command. I am a total NOOB to ubuntu/linux. Please help!!!

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