This post will show you how to Install backtrack repo in ubuntu – I got an HP mini netbook a couple of days ago. I’m mostly going to use it to check sites at home in IE; but it will also have another use: hacking =)

I need to check the sites I make to check they are as secure as they can possibly be. I was going to use Backtrack linux for this; backtrack has almost every possible tool to test almost every kind of area on your site and your network. there is only one problem: its not ubuntu, so it doesnt get updated and doesnt have the resources that ubuntu does.

there is a solution that I found by reading this and changing it slightly; basically you

  • install ubuntu
  • add the backtrack repo to ubuntu /etc/sources.list

deb pwnsauce main microverse macroverse restricted universe multiverse

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
apt-get update
  • install all the backtrack goodies =)

Im just downloading ubuntu 10.04 with unetbootin and am about to install it to my new netbook since it doesnt have an optical drive =)