MetaSploit tutorial for beginners

Using Metasploit

The basic concept you need to use in order to know how to use MetaSploit is pretty easy when you have used the tool a few times and is as follows:
– Run msfconsole in your terminal
– Identify a remote host and add to the metasploit database
– Identify a vulnerability in the remote host that you wish to exploit
– Configure the payload to exploit the vulnerability in the remote host
– Execute the payload against the remote host

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    1. 312.

      Then nobody to run anything against to.

  1. siddhesh jadhav

    hey i am using kali 2.0 , I would like to use msf over wan or public domain . will you please suggest or make good article on it . thanks in advance

  2. Anthony

    ok thank you so much for the help i just have one question how do i find the rports

  3. Rio

    how do i know which exploit to grab?

  4. NE0

    typo on database start command, should be

    service postgresql start

        1. jonathan

          I had restored a previous revision and it reinstated the typo :)
          It should be good for now

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