multiloquent 9.1.0 changelog

multiloquent 9.1.0 changelog

multiloquent 9.1.0 changelog

01f86a2 – minor fixes for internationalisation

63c7275 – Merge branch ‘master’ of

98ddc7a – small bug fixes

6c03ee2 – update to all bootstrap and bootswatch themes

74b2e9f – Code formatting / validation

befaea0 – Initial i18n

64d760f – initial i18n

ba8236d – wordpress search is get not post

00179de – Adding an id for sidebars

d99f132 – Code formatting

237808b – update composer in travis.yml

19f33c0 – mods

c7edfd8 – wp_unslash function

5846714 – code formatting

9fbfaa5 – removing an old method that’s no longer used

f730693 – small fix in the css for the labels that are broken

07b117e – Merge branch ‘master’ of

cb8ca33 – Version bump to 9.0.0

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