Multiloquent 9 0 0 changelog

Multiloquent 9 0 0 Changelog

3015a81 – Merge branch ‘master’ of

a79d3a3 – Update to version number as this removes backward compatibility with the old amelia theme

df0d6df – Update to bootstrap code

9bd8d60 – update to all bootstrap and bootswatch themes

b39a9f3 – update to all bootstrap and bootswatch themes

d51cd60 – Updating readme to version of bootstrap used in previous builds

5d7839e – minor code formatting

9d9d8a3 – some code formatting rules

d5b529b – ignore some docblock rules, and some code formatting

2711c50 – code formatting

afed145 – code formatting

f642d34 – code formatting / adding php5.6 tests

400f1d5 – docblock formatting

b9d973a – code formatting

178cbe9 – fixing the doc block order

057aca4 – more excludes for commenting format

c2a0783 – code format

68aaf5a – Some excludes for docblocks and some general tidy-ups

b607ed1 – Adding some exclude rules for capital letters in comments

5a63889 – Ignoring new wordpress VIP function

aeaf7b1 – minor fixes / typos, etc

030fd45 – minor fixes / typos, etc

6b390b3 – mods

b425cd0 – mods

9036e29 – mods

4921284 – forgot to modify the less file

5f251e3 – mods to css to provide a bigger target on menu for mobile device clicks

0cc6afe – Updated ruleset for phpcs

90f2b7e – update to all bootstrap and bootswatch themes

5219872 – WordPress coding standards have changed

7dcb6e6 – Yoda conditions use, you must not. comparing, assigning instead of I shall not….

ec9e9cb – Width for huge containers to work on all screen sizes

d1e9c3c – Label colours

7f9b8a5 – Rework register sidebars

9389e84 – General code formatting – moving register sidebars to widget_init

4958bd5 – Removing text_domain from comments file

0d7243b – Different colours

ab20a0d – Better, matching colours

b05b0c1 – Change of ‘info’ colour

a11566d – Panels

f41d87e – Default input

2bed989 – Inputs

ad66289 – Minor less changes

baac5df – Colours

6854603 – Colours

ed81d54 – Nav-pills

13854aa – Pagination hover

f522a59 – Removing un-needed things

a1ea39f – Pagination

7ce075a – Pagination colours

2231845 – Pagination

e572440 – Pagination colours

ef1a58f – Removing the alerts – default ones are better

800801e – Alert colours

85d7568 – Alert colours

3a8c0f1 – Alert colours

a5d92b5 – Better info colour

fbb5faa – Buttons / alerts

68451ea – Less things

41985bf – Some less things [pre-testing]

8196a64 – Removing 1k lines that were to do with jetpack sharing icons

73cad59 – Bugfix in yarrp template

4125839 – Removing short tag, bumping version number for wordpress

c41bf6f – update to all bootstrap and bootswatch themes

c070b3e – Documentation

e64a96c – update to all bootstrap and bootswatch themes

94772c5 – Docs

df12467 – Documentation

75fb109 – Documentation

4bb1676 – Documentation

7623c10 – comments

ab69833 – documentation

b93798f – Some documentation

cc0a96f – Some documentation

4cf34cb – Version bump

24caf14 – First letter as capital in classname for wp coding standard

092488c – Space before ! in conditional statement

2d61624 – CamelCase className, removing requirement for comma after last item in array

2403d79 – Code formatting

8524c1f – api key

034356e – minor mods

1363100 – new google map api

f0cbbd8 – minor mods

8430005 – bugfix for tag cloud

e4854c3 – tag cloud things

feb98d3 – bugfixes

c37c419 – bugfix

301564d – bugfix

3bf39b3 – bugfixes

6fda4c2 – Bugfix

349b065 – oo mods to change scope

5267c95 – experiment (fixing scope)

3493f35 – Oo mods

8e2d104 – Oo mods

e58ac3f – Oo mod

54edd73 – Oo mods

cffb2d5 – Oo things test

391e7f1 – Oo mods

d0efc5c – Oo mods

753fc03 – Oo mods

5a2bcf1 – Oo mods

611535b – Oo things

6833583 – Oo things

1da54db – Rename file

954da9a – Oo things

ce8d272 – Oo things

42f39ad – Initial basic less

4fef1ee – Changing path, adding less

44d36dc – reverting

e99d98b – Oo mods

0e2a67f – Oo mods

04b332f – Oo mods

a272589 – Oo mods

4573c59 – Oo mods

4437099 – Oo mods

c0d022a – Oo mods

1e78e1a – Oo mods

6e49155 – Oo mods

5c5e3a7 – Oo mods

6d34a00 – Oo mods

fe3b6e7 – Oo mods

3cd1f47 – Initial oo mods

fef21bc – Nonce input validation

9d2706a – Testing new docblock generator

6814e03 – Csrf nonce

57e4d7f – Csrf nonce

35bf57a – Wp-nonce to protect against csrf requests in the search form

822dfd4 – minor edits

68a87d1 – Code formatting

33e6f9f – Test_101

77b0135 – Test_99

1f898d5 – Test

58e508c – code formatting in sublime text

4a578e6 – get rid of the # in the pre:before

d651ee1 – build status from travis-ci

3e12524 – text changes

7b47c71 – markdown formatting

f01b30f – text format

1246a5c – text format

7a22351 – text changes

426b0cc – styling the file

66663a7 – code formatting

4f1c9d2 – code formatting

a31ddf9 – code formatting

8487331 – code formatting

54f2e5d – phpcs command

b25ced3 – travis rules

8ef2a7a – ignoring ‘spaces required round every braket’ — thats a recipie for RSI :|

a54d002 – adding custom ruleset for multiloquent builds

0e76f46 – travis yml file

5d37bfa – removing nofollow tags

f47373e – Revert “file for travis ci”

ddab586 – code formatting

74007f1 – revert

0cfb222 – some of the wordpress coding standards dont make sense

96cfd6f – some wordpress coding standards dont make sense

7731486 – some wordpress coding standards dont make sense

9251067 – some of the wordpress coding standard things dont make sense..

84eb531 – code formatting for wordpress code standard

6a126fe – change in comments

c0f3841 – wordpress code standard mods

e41b900 – some tests for wordpress code formatting / linting in brackets editor

5eb059d – test of brackets git integration

147d89a – test of brackets git integration

0d31728 – removing nofollow from internal links

8a28c4f – adding the travis build stats

c9624ed – correct path for phpcs executable

d13a47f – travis build script

f8b4bc9 – travis build scripts

1dca6b1 – travis build tests

5e360f3 – wordpress coding standards on the travis yml file

92a5143 – fixing travis build script

13d3534 – test of a travis yml configuration

2946933 – turning off travis emails

9409298 – test – this commits to github, but isnt picked up by travis

30d3efd – update to travis yml file for php language

f60a3ea – test of travis ci

054e1b1 – file for travis ci

ed56571 – bugfix in the tags selector and adding in a new ’empty’ option

ddc5425 – version bump for wordpress and changes to readme file

7e93cd1 – tag / excerpt renderer

3159eea – refactoring

2b4dfb0 – test

99833a3 – test

073aa11 – test

9277238 – test

51449f6 – test

d3ff35e – test

8aa9d7a – test

3d8eb42 – excerpt code

e13196f – refactor

496d876 – debug

9cb942c – scope fix

4190315 – selecte between the_excerpt and showing the tags on the homepage featured posts block

3412cf9 – updating readme

f0905c2 – updating readme files

f498de6 – version bump [major release] updating readme files

eae969b – search form css fix

7602671 – search label

3dbab3c – search form mods

764ca66 – markup for label button

dacb048 – nicer label and button

2d524fd – fix for new sidebar popout using breadcrumb class

44acd2f – de-complicate the theme_mod css outputter function

1b16fd9 – cleanups

ce84b1d – nicer effect on the slide out menus

82aacd2 – nicer effect for the slide out menu

e116f49 – bugfix

885763b – final bootswatch css

3c2dcb6 – adding final bootswatch themes

d3b6caf – minor fixes for adverts in pages and posts templates

67f0676 – minor fix for the menu dropdowns

0a0b293 – randomised colours on the homepage slider thing

953b519 – label classes instead of alerts

2865d9f – testing alert classes instead of bg classes

3881090 – restoring the un-used css for now

2bca5b2 – adding in a way to detect if the theme is a bootswatch theme, if it is then use the bootsratp background colours for the elements

994f456 – updating bootstrap version to 3.1.1

671ad13 – sidebar mods

90ba8f4 – search form padding removal

8009249 – mods for sidebar to correctly display

2a06c95 – relative positioned div round the content wrapper and the sidebar

d90b37b – re-arrange the sidebar inside the wrapper

4d159a1 – update menu js to fix scrollbar issue

a9a02ab – adding a few more bootswatch themes

8916121 – fix for prev/next links

fbf98f4 – css bugfix

cc86a13 – overrid for the navbar at the top for all themes

1c8ff6f – changiong menu drop icon

7c9d049 – fontawesome icon for menu dropdown symbol

0ab7cf8 – tag cloud like the rest of the tags

84b2098 – test for tag clouds

502d83e – changing css class form navbar to breadcrumb as it fits in better with all the bootstrap themes

faafd89 – sorting css a little

da3424e – fix for font sizes so they inherit from the main bootswatch themes

172764e – another bootswatch theme

b20720e – code block format

0100b27 – adding breadcrumb class to comments box so that it matches in

9f1a2b1 – footer bottom padding

6a175e1 – sidebar nav-header text padding fix

517c02b – sidebar fixes

3effba8 – background colour for new way to do sidebar

de9bd26 – re-ordering css and fixing enqueue names

9f016db – style sheet order

9169194 – removing extra css

9c1b79c – some new bootswatch themes

96f274a – repositioning the bootsqatch selector

a05fd55 – minor adjustments for bootswatch

eef6677 – mods for bootswatch themes

ccff7b9 – initial mods for bootswatch compatibility

c1234d2 – some mods to select the bootswatch theme

a5166f0 – bugfix

6dae797 – adding bootswatch to the colors selectors

942c362 – initial bootswatch theme selectors :D

633964b – better jumbotron image

585b506 – fixes for customisation API

6bc3da7 – css error fixes

b779772 – syntax fixes

cf4ec8e – theme mods fixes

b4195ca – debugging

9cfc289 – debug

39ca7dd – debug

dc5e550 – debug

44e7648 – making the custom css only show if there is a value set

6194f76 – fixes for profile

7b21ddc – profile fixes

30234d0 – fixes for profile

cf02263 – fixes for profile

44ef162 – fixes for profile

84d7f13 – classes for avatar

8785b32 – classes for avatar

1850674 – css for profile

d5f7326 – updates for image for profile

518a1ef – css for new profile block

1dd24a7 – author box

d434245 – css for author details panel

650d67c – new layout for author pages

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