Note taking, todo lists synced between iphone and your mac

i will show you an alternative to using stickies and notes. it also allows syncing between your iphone and your mac

  • simplenote iphone app (search for simplenote in the app store)
  • simplenote client for mac (

they are simple to use, they sync with each other. its free. all notes are editable!!!!!

ive been using both for a week. this post was written using simplenote, when I had some free time on the train. there are a couple of clients for your mac, I chose Justnotes.

you will need a simplenotes account (you can create one when you open the iphone app) – once its setup your notes sync to the cloud automaticaly and are available on your mac and your iphone – no more mailing yourself todo lists – simply create them on your iphone (or your mac) and edit them as you do things =)

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