Part 10 craignure

Part 10 Craignure Olympic Games

today we didnt do much, we watched a bit of the olympics. I fixed a pubcture in my matress.
we went back to the craignure inn at about 7 for dinner. I had a burger. the bar started filling up at about 8, and one of the locals started a game.

he put his heels against the fireplace and lent over, putting his hand on the wooden floor. he reached out his other hand and placed an empty bottle on the floor and marked it with a bit of chalk.

then it was everyone elses turn to beat the mark. as the pub filled everyone got roped in. it lasted about 2 hours. at the very end an american, who we had nicknamed ‘phelps’ was in the lead.
then the tiny barmaid came out, and crawled on the back of the guy who started, and placed the bottle a foot further than everyone else.
the bar was roaring!!

then we got ready for home!

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