Part 9 craignure

part 9 craignure campsite to the craignure inn

i slept till 11 this morning. we had supernoodle rolls and coffee for breakfast.

we were going to get the bus to iona today, but by the time we got to the bus stop we would have only had 15 mins on the island. we are instead going to spend the day at the craignure inn and go to iona tomorrow.

there is a castle 4 miles from here so we might walk to there but the weather keeps changing from pouring rain to brilliant sun shine.

we ended up staying at the pub most of the day, I had a burger and chips, some jura superstition and some beer that I cant remember the name of, but it was good :) we came back to the campsite and I slept for a bit, eck went back to the pub for dinner while I was sleeping, then we watched the olympic opening ceremony.

hopefully we make it to the castle tomorrow!

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