Part 5 port ellen to bruichladdich

part 5 Port Ellen to Bruichladdich and on to Port Charlotte

Whats worse than cycling in the rain?
Cycling in the rain into a headwind :(
We cycled from Port Ellen to Bowmore, in the rain. Got soaked to the bone. We went for a pint in the Lochside Hotel, and dried out a bit.
We then headed off for Port Charlotte because there is a campsite which we plan to stay in (if we can).
Port Charlotte is cool. but there isn’t much to do.
The campsite is excellent, and the showers: awesome.

For dinner we went to the Port Charlotte hotel. Eck kept asking people if there were restraunts in town. We had just cycled through the only street in the village and could see that there was 1 shop, 1 phonebox and one hotel :P
I had a double burger with cheese and bacon, Eck had a lamb shank. The food was awesome. We then went upstairs to the bar and had some whisky!

Next we are going to go to Bridgeend and then on to Port Askaig.


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