Part 4 kennacraig to islay

Last night it rained. it rained this morning too. we packed out tents wet. really wet. that means they will be soggy tonight :(
at least we will be on a campsite and not wild camping like we have done for the last 2 nights.
im covered in tick bites. deet doesnt matter to them, probably becase my blood has something tasty in it :(
i cant wait to get a shower and get clean.
we have a two hour ferry trip to port ellen and then a 10 or 12 mile cycle to port charlotte (if they have spaces)
im off for a roll with slice and hash brown. and maybe a can of strongbow since eck is halfway through his already :|

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  1. Bro

    Sounds epic. Does eck still only have 1 working brake?

    1. jonathan

      nah, he had two, and working front panniers :D he ended up snapping a spoke and had a mental buckle in his wheel though!

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