Part 3 lochranza to kennacraig

This leg was a massive 6 miles!
we could either have got the ferry at 9 am and went to islay, or pottered about and camped in kintyre and got the ferry to islay in the morning.
we chose to potter about, or, eck drank a full bottle of vodka and couldnt do much else other than potter about!!!!

its cool though, we only have one set in stone time just now: be at the ferry port on colonsay on thursday or we get stuck for a week!

this truly is the wilderness: no shops, no phone signal, no 3g signal :| but we do have a wild camp spot next to what eck calls ‘the motorway’: the B8101 from calonaig to kennacraig.

oh, I do get phone signal, but I think it depends on the direction of the wind (or maybe the tide)

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