Pear Cider

I’ve been looking forward to this post for a year since we moved to our house. We have a pear tree in the back garden, and I was determined to use the fruit for something.

In the very early spring I trimmed the tree after a little research to promote fruit growth. It worked :). we got loads of pears (please check my other posts on pear jam and pear chutney to see what else I made)

Making the cider was fairly easy: extract juice, add campden tablet, wait 24 hours, add extra sugar and yeast, leave till its all turned to alcohol.

Next was to sterilise everything

Then pulp the pears and squeeze.

According to Google, this should come out at 8%!

The yeast has been added and now we wait!

A little update on the cider – I syphoned it off and put in for a secondary fermentation

It started to read that it was ready for bottling, so I’ll take readings in a couple of days and if the same, then I’ll bottle!

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