Pear Cider Bottling

I’ve been waiting to bottle my pear cider since I started making it – that time has finally arrived

The bottling process was easy – I bought a reusable kit online which came with a syphoning hose and tap, and I got nice bottles from IKEA – before bottling, I added 1 teaspoon of sugar per bottle to add some fizz when they are opened.

Using an online calculator, the pear cider should be pretty decent

I didn’t get loads, but for my first haul I’m really pleased (along with the chutney and jam the tree produced a good harvest for our winter store cupboard)

After a week I couldn’t resist any longer, so I opened a bottle – it actually tastes like pear cider! there is a little fizz – not much, but it is there. I’m very impressed, and will be making more!

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