Plecost tutorial

This is a basic plecost tutorial. Plecost is a commandline utility that will scan your wordpress host and identify lots of information leaks that could potentially help crackers breaking in to your site. There is some information at iniqua labs, but its a little difficult to get to grips with. Read more…

Customise osx bash prompt

customise osx bash prompt: I was reading over an old lifehacker post (I was looking for the bash profiles site, and found this too), its a pretty good way to customise your terminal command prompt, so I thought id share it with you there are other cool things you Read more…

MySpace, Major Labels Join Forces for Online Music Store


It seems that myspace are going to start paying the majors for their music on its site (or a spinoff site) through subscriptions (which wont work – the argument being ‘why should I pay for something I can download for free, even if you are telling me its illegal, its still free’)
what might be a better thing to do is to share some of the 20 million (ish) USD PER MONTH that they make from advertising on the bands pages with the bands themselves.
eg, I have a band, and its quite popular on myspace, I manage, for exapmle to get 1000 people to go to my page in a day, myspace make money from this (they make a SHITLOAD from google adsense alone – on average I can get $0.50 per click on a google banner, a click happens about 7 times for every 100 visitors, so in one day myspace could make $35 a day from my page alone, how about myspace giving me $20 of that, since im the reason that the people are going to my page, hell, if I was greedy id DEMAND $30 form that, but I understand myspace is a whore, anyway here is the articl that I found –

MySpace has partnered with three of the four major record labels in an effort to create “a one-stop source for all music, in all its various digital incarnations,” according to The New York Times.