Reviving old Firewire audio interfaces in 2021

I have a Digidesign 003 factory, it has motorised faders, Focusrite preamps, and is still a tasty bit of kit, even these days. It runs over firewire though, which is supported by exactly nothing in 2021.

This is a journey through getting it to work with my mac.

things needed:

  • usb flash drive (eg a 16 or 32 gb thumb drive) – for install media
  • usb drive (eg external 720rpm 500gb drive) – for installation
  • old firewire interface (I have a digidesign 003 factory, and an m-audio firewire 410)
  • an apple firewire to thunderbolt adaptor
  • a mac
  • patience!

Install OSX Sierra to external drive

(thats the newest I could find which was supported for 003 factory)

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