Audio midi setup midi server cant be opened protools fix

If your audio midi setup takes an age to load, and you get the message ‘the midi server cant be opened’

it might be to do with protools.
i run protools 8
and osx lion.

everything worked fine if I was plugged into my protools interface, but when the interface was unplugged, I got the above error.

but when my protools hardware was unplugged I couldnt open audio midi setup, and any app that I opened took an age because it had to wait for the timeout to occur because it couldnt find the protools hardware.

i simply went to /Library/Audio/Midi Drivers

and deleted the digidesign files in there.

it means that my midi interface isnt available when running protools, but I use ableton for my midi things anyway.
it turns out that there isnt a driver update either, so you have to upgrade to protools 9 or protools 10 if you want to get it all to work properly.

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  1. Southernguitarman

    Pro Tools 9 does not fix this problem. I have the same issue and my MIDI I/O is part of my audio interface. I have tried everything and I can’t get MIDI to work for me.

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