Some cleanups to my site

ive noticed a few things wrong with my site – the daily unique visitors were down by 17%, the theme wasnt quite right, the site was pretty slow.

i did a few cleanups on the site code, enabled gzip caching of javascript and css, took off some images that were on remote servers to cut down dns requests, basically everything that yslow told me to do except use a CDN =)

I also noticed that people were using the direct feed from my site and not the feedburner one – I had deleted the plugin that redirected, so I reinstalled it =) its automatic, so even if you are using the direct feed it will send you to the feedburner one (hopefully it notices the feedburner loops where it redirects feedburner to itself and the feeds never update – thats the reason I disabled it before)

I also noticed that the all in one SEO plugin I was using had messed up – it was changing the title tags of the pages instead of using the title of the article as the title of the page it was using the category, which is why the visits were down – its much better to have the title of the page and all the links to that page and the h1 tags and the image alt tags all have the title of the article – google likes this and it ups your rankings for those pages =)

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