SVN for web development on mac osx systems

This is my setup when using SVN for web development on a mac. I have since moved to git and a virtual machine running centos. I also use a continuous integration setup)

General overview of my svn for web development setup

  • 1) svn on my mac [it comes with the mac]. This has a repository of themes for my blog.
  • 2) eclipse on my mac with svn plugin
  • 3) xampp on my mac.

The document root of apache is set to be /var/www/vhosts/sitename/

The workspace in eclipse is set to be /var/www/vhosts/sitename/path/to/themes/folder/themename

That way I can edit things in eclipse and as I save them the changes are live on my local machine. If I make a new release [tag] in SVN then it updates [with rsync] my themes folder on my site.

[I use wordpress so dont need to keep the code for that in my own repo.]

This svn for web development setup can scale to work with many projects, and can work with many sites.

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