Sorting out some issues

I finally have some time to sort out some issues with my site.

I have to fix the html validation, and the css.

I would like to add some more cool things, like if you visit my site with IE6 then it only displays a big red warning page with a link to update your browser.

then I can put in some cool css3 things. I would like to embed some nice fonts. I would like to have a transporter from startrek also, but thats not going to happen any time soon =(

i did manage to fix the footer and make it fit with the rest of the site. im now going to see if I can get the css to validate – it throws up an error because im using conditional statements to hide the filter stuff from everyone thats not using IE.

well, ive been messing around whilst writing this post and now I have some text-shadow and some embeded font goodness =)

ive not tested it on any version of IE, but im not really bothered about that just now.

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