Statistics for your blog – wordpress – analytics – feedburner, etc

ok, so here are a few ways to collect stats for your wordpress blog. pretty basic stuff, but very valuable

  • google analytics – provides an excellent way to track all the users of your site, what pages they go to, where they go, how long they stay on your site, where they came from,etc
  • google webmaster tools – provides an excellent way to make sure you dont have errors on your site, provices you with a way to see what people are searching for to get to your site
  • feedburner -like google analytics, but for your rss feeds

there are plugins for wordpress that help you to set these things up: one is ‘google analytics for wordpress’ this will let you put your tracking code in your blog without needing to be able to code anything.

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  1. Jamie McGrath

    RSS feeds have become the best way to distribute posts to several places at once!

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