wordpress development with local

Empowering developers with advanced workflow features

Stop debugging local environments and spend more time launching WordPress sites.

Automatic WordPress installation

Local sets up WordPress for you. One click and your site is ready to go, SSL included!

Advanced development features

Local offers root SSH access, WP-CLI, and the ability to hot-swap PHP environments for easy testing!

Local Connect

Push and pull sites like Flywheel or WP Engine for super streamlined offline-editing and go-live process from Local.
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Our differential deployment technology intelligently recommends files to update and gives you control over which files to sync.

Live Links

Create persistent URLs to send your local WordPress sites to clients and coworkers without deploying.
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One-click admin

No need to manage various usernames and passwords. Seamlessly log in to your WordPress site with one-click in Local!

A collection of pre-launch tools

Deploy your site with confidence, thanks to tools like Local’s Link Checker, Image Optimizer, and Instant Reload features.

Cloud Backups

Keep your workspace clean and your site files safe with the ability to easily push and pull sites from Local to Google Drive or Dropbox.
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1) download the app

2) install the app

3) enable some extensions: xdebug+vscode / image optimiser

4) click + to crete a new site- navigate to the place you want it to go- set your preffered (or go with default) settings

thats basically it. you are good to go – just edit your code and refresh your browser.

working with git is a little trickier, you have to clone your repos into the correct places, eg wp-content/themes and wp-content/plugins
but it is very fast (and you can add all the separate repos into a workspace in vscode so you dont have to re-open them manually each time)


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