Syncing all my contacts

This post is about Syncing all my contacts. Ok, so I have a lot of contacts, they are all in different places.
all I really want is to have one list of names, email addresses and phone numbers.I want this list in my phone and on all the services that I use. never gonna happen. but at least I can be a bit more organised.
I use outlook to manage my contacts –  all my contacts are synced to my phone – and new contacts from my phone are added to my contacts list.
I have MSN contacts, I have Hotmail contacts, I have outlook contacts and I have phone contacts.
I also have myspace, facebook, bebo, digg, youtube, flickr, stumble, delicious, and a host of online forum contacts.
I need a way to get all the contacts from all these places into the one place.
ive chosen my hotmail contacts to be that place. purely because they are shared between msn messenger and hotmail.

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