Social media experiments

Social media experiments monthly report.

as part of my year tracking social media things I am going to provide some monthly stats.
this way if I make a breakthrough then it will be obvious =)
i also get to play with graphs on google docs.
This month I posted 8 blog posts. this is what happened:

Social media experiments

Here are the graph of the movers and shakers this month
Social media experiments
1) top movers
its obvious that I got more followers on myspace (95 new friends) than on anything else, with foursquare coming in second. here is a graph of the myspace followers =)
Social media experiments

2) top loosers
im a bit sad that I lost 20 twitter followers, despite tweeting more (maybe because of that?) but I have been clearing the accounts out of spam followers, so I was waiting for this to happen. next month I need to track more things about twitter – ie, number of tweets, number of retweets, number of new followers, number of people who unfollowed me, etc

3) alexia
I managed to drop 210,000 places this month, which is great. here is a graph

4) experiments carried out
using twitterfeed
using hellotxt
removing spam accounts from my twitter feeds

5) conclusions
i have made a few conclusions:
myspace is still giving me a lot of followers.
twitter fluctuates quickly.
some of my social accounts get neglected.
I need to track more metrics on twitter for the twitter stats to have any meanings.
I was surprised with foursquare – I didnt expect a lot of users to follow me just because I used it.

I have a couple of experiments lined up for this next month, one or two of them are to do with twitter, so hopefully ill get some more meaningful insight into that by next month.

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