Syncing photos between social networks

Syncing photos between social networks is hard to do.
i think I might just make a crude little app that bruteforces its way to do it, but I dont really have the time.
though with all the API’s out there I could sell it for a fiver a time and make a fortune.

all I want to do is to save time.
i upload my foto’s to flickr. end of.
facebook, myspace and bebo all have photo libraries, yet dont have anything to take your flickr feeds and import (or even just show) them.

well, I kinda got the calendar thing to be like I want. once I can make a myspace app, that is.
for the photos you can use you put in your flickr photo feed (the rss feed for your fotos)
and it will automatically upload all your new fotos from flickr to your facebook account. no more double uploads!

it only worked with two of my fotos =|
and it doesnt do it automatically, so thats not very good. I think im gonna have to make another facebook app.
i dont want to.
I still dont have my myspace developer key yet. though I did test out my code on mysace and it works, so all im waiting for is the key.

bebo still doesnt work. so no calendar on bebo or myspace.

all I want is a way to have the same photo’s on all my social networks without uploading them 50 times each.
and a google calendar on each would be nice.

also the same friends on all would be cool, but thats asking for to much just now.
the internets are broken.
untill this comes out

untill then, I think im pretty much screwed.

i have a lot of photos on bebo.
i have pretty much nothing on myspace anymore, except a profile for my band, and a profile that was mine, but now I use it for my band.
my bebo is pretty much full of people I know, as is my facebook (facebook seems to be the best of them all, as far as hackability goes, you can make apps for it, apps that should work with bebo too.

so im gonna try out this second brain thing – but it only does half what I want. it lets me get all the info from all my sites. but it doesnt let me publish to them all. what I need is a way to get the updates that I put on second brain to go to all the sites I add to it.


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