Syncing all your webmail email accounts to gmail

This tutorial is about syncing all your webmail email accounts to gmail, and then sync that to your apple and your iphone

the hardest part about having so many email accounts and social networking accounts is finding the time to log into them all and check for mail and messages. this will free up some off your time to do other stuff

firstly, you will have multiple email acocunts, eg I have one for spam mail, one for my personal mail, an old hotmail acocunt, a yahoo account for my flickr, one from my isp that my isp bills get sent to, one for my domain, two for my band,  and one for my work. thats 9 that I need to check regularly. that takes hours of loging into and out of google, hotmail, yahoo mail and my isp’s mail. not to mention trying to get them on my iphone =|

about a year ago google started a feature that lets you fetch mail from other services with POP3

that takes care of the hotmail (you cannot forward hotmail to another acocunt that isnt part of the microsoft network)

yahoo and google let you forward all mail to another account.

good. so you get the picture.

  • login to your individual accounts and forward all emails to your designated grand-master account
  • if they dont let you forward, then login to your main gmail account and goto
  • settings > accounts and import
  • the first option lets you import your contacts from hotmail, yahoo mail, etc (very handy)
  • the third option lets you check your accounts with pop3 access (check with the service for details on this (eg hotmail))
  • the second option on this list lets you send email from the addresses of the accounts you are importing (so if someone sends an email to your hotmail address, then you can send the reply from that hotmail address but using gmail)
  • I suggest setting up filters for every email address so that you can find mail from specific accounts easily
  • it also makes it easier when using gmail to find stuff.

once you have all the email coming in to your grand-master gmail account then you can then

by this point you should have all your email flowing from all your different email accounts into your grand-master gmail account and from there into your iphone and your

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    How do you stop it from syncing with the POP3

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