Here are the detailed instructions on syncing iphone notes app and mail app using gmail . This will enable bi-directional syncing: you can edit the notes on any device and it will be synced to the others automatically =)

After doing this you will have all your notes on your iphone (or your ipod touch, or ipad) and your on your mac

  • on your iphone, or ipod touch, or ipad goto settings > mail > add
  • hit google
  • under email and username, put in your gmail address
  • hit the next button at the top
  • turn on notes
  • hit done

You will now be syncing your notes to gmail on your iphone / ipod touch / ipad –

What to do after syncing iphone ipad and ipod touch and using gmail

Please see this post to find out how to set up your macs to use gmail to sync notes

please see this post for details on how to get your google calendar synced to your ical on your mac

and this post on how to sync your addressbook with your google contacts

If you have done all this then you will have the same list of contacts on your mac, on your iphone, and on your google contacts. You will also have the same calendars. and the same notes! any change, or addition you make on any device will show up in all the others