Testing out some gps apps

im testing out some gps apps for the iphone – mostly so that I can track my cycling, but also cos I think they are excellent =)

first im trying out everytrail – its free, and its pretty basic. it tracks you, you can save the tracks and you can view them on thie website – its a bit clunky, but its a decent little app.

then there is motionx gps – im using the lite one (it is limited to saving one tack only, but other than that its fully functional) I used it today to track part of my train journey – you can take photos along your route, it controls your ipod functions, so you can listen to music, you can add custom waypoints, you can look up close by points of interest, you can view your saved tracks (only one if you have the free version) you can download map data so that you dont need to waste bandwidth while on the move, it has a compass, a map mode, a mode with tracking and no map, a summary screen with time, current speed, average speed, max speed, lattitude display, longitude display, altitude, accuracy, etc, etc

one of its best features (appart from the save function) is that you can send a status update to facebook, twitter or send an email with a link to your track on a google map! like this – the link is only valid for a short time, so you probably wont see anything if you are reading this later on, so go get the app and try it out. (search itunes app store for motionx ) there is also a tomtom like app – but I havent tried it yet.

i will be trying out trails tomorrow, but I dont think it will have as many features as motionx gps =)

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